Driving Secrets from 3-Time Tour Winner and PGA Master Professional

Finally... Learn to Hit Your Driver Consistently and Accurately Down the Middle!

You're about to learn...

The Exact Driver Swing I taught my son, DJ Trahan, that produced 3 Tour Wins and Stats like these:

Greens in Regulation Percentage

My son, DJ, and I have produced a video that shows you exactly what you need to know in order to smash your driver down the middle, and do it almost every time. You're about to learn the exact same steps that I taught DJ while he was growing up. You see, golf is a learned skill. It's not all about physical ability or God-given talent. In the following video, you are going to learn the specific driving techniques that produced 3 wins on tour.

Don and DJ Opening Screen

I'm really excited to bring you this video, because it's my belief that anyone can succeed in this game, and the Driver causes so much frustration.

Learn Direct from 3-Time Tour Winner, DJ Trahan

Don Trahan in Golf MagazineHere's just a few things that you'll learn in this killer lesson with DJ and myself:

PROOF the Peak Performance Golf Swing will help you Hit More Fairways and Increase Your Driving Distance.

Please don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to brag in the least. But the greatest accomplishment of my life has been teaching my son D.J. to play at the professional level. There is nothing that makes me more proud than to see him playing on Sundays.

The only feeling that comes close is seeing my students so happy when they "get it". They come broken, and they leave fixed, it's really a great thing to see. The "vertical" swing I created and now teach is universal, regardless of physical ability or experience level. It's based on scientific fact.

You see, I flat out do not agree with the way 99% of instructors teach the game, and I am not afraid to admit it.

There is a better way to swing the club, and there is an answer. Enter... the "Vertical" Swing - the fastest, easiest way for you to play killer golf.

Here's how my "Vertical" Swing is different:

Now, if that's not different, I dont know what is...

By the way, it's not just D.J. that uses my "vertical" swing to win at the highest level... My good buddy David Hutsell is also a "Surge Swinger". He won the 2011 PGA National Tournament.

Newly crowned PPNC champion David Hutsell gives some love to the Walter Hagen cup.

But to be honest, I didn't develop this system for "pros" - I developed it for golfers of average ability who are frustrated with their game, and want a simple approach to a complex game.

You Get the Driver Video - RISK FREE

The Swing Surgeon Digital Format (Hard Copies Available) I want to improve your golf game and so I'm practically giving you this video...

Just for saying "Maybe I will give it a try" I'm going to send you the 40 minute instructional video that will teach you the Driver Swing.

I'm going to give you 90 Days to Review this Driver Video. If you don't love it, for whatever reason, simply return it. You have 90 days for crying out loud!

Again, if you're not happy for any reason, any reason at all, just return the video. I'll be happy you at least said "Maybe" to trying the video.

So say "maybe" right now and I'll send this amazing package your way for a quick look.

YES, Don and DJ! I'm ready to learn your Driving System proven to improve my driving ability within 2 Weeks. I realize I have a generous 90 day guarantee, too. I can return the DVD's within the next three months at any time, for any reason, immediately and without hassle. This takes ALL the pressure off my decision... and truly lets me use everything FREE, if I choose.

The Swing Surgeon Digital Format (Hard Copies Available)Your order includes:

The Driver with DJ Trahan

PGA Master Professional Don Trahan and three-time PGA Tour Champion DJ Trahan share their knowledge of how to hit the hardest club in the bag. For players looking to gain consistency with their driver, this video goes beyond simple fundamentals. We’re talking LONG. But that’s just the half of it. We’re talking LONG and STRAIGHT. Master this club and that second shot on a par 4 will keep getting shorter and shorter!

All of This for Just $19.99!!! (digital copy price) But only for a Limited Time.

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See you on the inside,

Don Trahan
Master PGA Professional
Creator of the "Peak Performance Golf Swing"

PS. This is like no other golf program you've ever seen. You'll be blown away when you discover the secrets the PGA pros don't like to share. You'll see results the very first time you apply what the "Swing Surgeon" says to your game. Not in 30 days. Not in 60 days. The same day - Guaranteed.

PPS. Check out what other golfers like yourself are saying about our "easy" system.

Video Testimonials

"Years ago I purchased Don's first video "Straight Golf" after seeing him on the Golf Channel. Right then I new this guy was special! He was kind enough to give me the 4th secret via e-mail and bingo, it all can together and my swing has changed for the better ever since. So in support of Don and to reinforce what knowledge I already have I purchased the new DVD's and they, as expected, are the best Golf instruction in the game!"
Troy, MI

"Really enjoy the lessons, very informative, makes more sense than anything else I've seen. Thank you."
John Vargo

"Thanks Don and D.J.
"I have the DVD set but in the freebe on setup, I just caught the part on having most of your weight on right leg at setup. What a difference this has made. Keep up the great work for all of us out here. Thanks!"

"I read your first tip the other day. It was keeping your wrist straight with your left arm and the shaft of your club to the ball. I have had trouble with my hands not working thru the shot, this has corrected my problem. I have my old swing back. I shot {-1} 71, yesterday. For 2 years my hands have worked on some occasions and not on others. Thank you so much."
Victor Hardin "Pippi"

"The 3/4 swing has taken the slice out of my driver, thanks a ton."

"Wow, I was thinking about narrowing my stance all day at work and I was hoping this video would confirm that. I am a power monger and routinely have a driver width stance with a pitching wedge. I guess that's why my back is not in the greatest shape. I am looking forward to the DVD's. I smell a 10 Handicap going down to a 4 very fast. Thanks a ton Don."
Eddie Delaurier

"Greetings from Ireland.
"Don, you are a legend!! I have dramtically reduced my scores from averaging 95s to 80-85 in the last few months and it's down to your great tips!"
Dillon Smith

"Hi Don, I'm enjoying the new e-mails and I've really enjoyed the DVD's. I've pretty much ignored all other swing philosophy since working with you at Defuskie in '04. It really simplifies things for me to only follow your swing tips. Proud to tell you I shot my all time low last Thursday - 74! Its really helped to review everything I learned with the DVD's - I even used your "mental memory" tips in a Sunday school lesson making a parallel to remembering scripture. Oh well I guess that makes me a disciple in more than one way!"
Jeff Waits

"Hi Don,
"Have really enjoyed your videos. At age of 71, I find I am hitting the ball with more power than I ever have before. I am still working on the details, but am extremely confident that my scores will improve dramatically."

"I have been committed to Surge's swing for 7 months & I do not have it mastered by any means, but I have gone from a 5 hcp to a 1.7 and have 1 win, 2 seconds, 1 third, 1 fifth & 1 ninth place finish in 6 gross 36 hole tournaments. In the past I could not seem to get any better than a 5hcp, but this swing has improved my accuracy to the point where If I miss a fairway or green is only by a few yards and not 10+ and the pain in my back for days after are gone completely. I still chunk one now & then or decell when between clubs from time to time, but I am amazed how a swing that goes against most of how we are all taught from instructors, books & TV can be so damn right. Lower scores, better shots & no pain. Distance suffered at first, but I'm now back to where I was. If you truly commit to the swing and pay attention to those crazy back porch tips you have to get better. Surge should get the Nobel Peace Prize.
"Don't give up on the swing. Change only comes after fully leaving your comfort zone. You can't half ass this swing as I did for 2 months or you'll just end up going back to you old swing and old problems. I was where you are, but I had tried other adjustments & they only worked for a short time & my back issues never went away. At 55 I went from a 5.3 to a 1.7 and have posted 5 sub par rounds in the last 4 months with 3 being in tournaments. Haven't shot over 79 in over 45 rounds. I finally believe I'm going to play well every time out. I don't hit every shot perfect & I have some real screw up holes once in a while due to the 6" between my ears, but they are far & few. This swing gives me the confidence that I'm going to stick a few so I can now forget the bad holes knowing it wasn't the swing it was me trying to be too cute. I went from anti Surge to Pro Surge in 7 months and I'll never go back. As you know the lower your hcp the harder it is to reduce it. A 20 hcp can improve 10 strokes pretty quick with a few key changes, but we can't do that so it takes a little longer for a change to pay off. You won't regret the time & effort and next spring you'll be posting more rounds in the 70's than you ever thought possible. Accept that you'll get frustrated from time to time, don't modify the Surge Swing, experiment with ball position, practice, practice, practice, commit to the change & enjoy this great game a lot more for the rest of your life no matter how old you are now. "
Zeke Zietak

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Ok, while I've taught my son to play on the tour, and there are other Surge Swingers that have made it to the tour level, I have to admit that not every golfer will be able to improve with the unique golf swing that I teach. It just doesn't fit some people. And while most people see results on their ball flight after only a bucket of balls, we all know that golf is a game of practice. Just like anything good in life, you have to work to get better. If you have any problems whatsoever you can send an email to support@peakperformancegolfswing.com. If you purchase anything at all from this site, and you are less than 100% satisfied with what my team and I provide, you can simply call us and we'll give you a prompt, no-questions-asked refund. It's that simple.

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