Benefits of a 3/4 Limited Turn, Vertical Backswing

The Peak Peformance Golf Swing is the only swing that teaches a three quarter, limited turn, vertical backswing. That means you don't have to swing to parallel and beyond. I know what you're thinking. For years, golfers have been taught that they have to make a big turn and swing to parallel if they want any sort of power and distance. However, I've proven through scientific studies that you don't lose power with a limited turn vertical backswing. In fact, I found that you actually increase clubhead speed through impact and the golfers we tested actually increased their distance.

I'll explain what "in the mitt and up the tree" means with regards to the backswing, as it's an important fundamental of the PPGS. Just watch the video above to learn why a vertical backswing is much easier to repeat.

Click here to learn more about the Peak Performance Golf Swing.

Keep it vertical!
Don "Surge" Trahan
PGA Master Professional

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